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Metal to metal seal Ball Valve

Metal to metal seal Ball Valve

  • Design standardAPI6D、ASME B16.34、BS5351、ISO17292、DINConnection endsRF、RTJ flange、butt-welded、thread、socket weldedOperationManual、Pneumatic、Electric、Gas-liquid interaction etc. Nominal diameter2” – 48” (DN 50-DN 1200...
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Design standard

API6D、ASME B16.34、BS5351、ISO17292、DIN

Connection ends

RF、RTJ flange、butt-welded、thread、socket welded


Manual、Pneumatic、Electric、Gas-liquid interaction etc. 

Nominal diameter

2” – 48” (DN 50-DN 1200)

Pressure range

CLASS 150 – CLASS 2500 (Mpa 1.6- Mpa 42.0)


carbon steel、stainless steel、20#steel 、Nickel alloy、Cobalt alloy




Petroleum、Natural gas、Chemical、petrochemical、Power station、Metallurgy、Papermaking etc. 

Long life time body and seat

Valve seat sealing surface is made of stellite alloy or other alloys and the ball sealing surface is  nitriding treatment or surfacing alloy, hard chromium plating,vacuum plating tungsten titanium alloy and other stellite forms ; for all levels temperature and high friction dust, slurry, solid foreign body mixed transportation pipeline, it has the very high abrasion resistance and long service life.
High precision ball and high sealing seat

The weakness of metal seat is poor sealing, but we can produce metal sealing ball   valve with high sealing performance . By the spring preloads valve seat to ensure the low pressure sealing, the valve seat piston effect guarantees high pressure sealing performance, the most important is we have the special sphere processing technology to assure high precision (roundness). The advanced seat structure and high precision ball are the main factors of high sealing performance, which also can reduce operating torque to a large extent.
Wide appliacation valve seat

Half opened soft valve seat will damage the valve seat, which can not use for some medium and narrow temperature range. Our metal sealing ball valves have high hardness seat that suitable for high temperature fluid, high friction dust,slurry, containing impactor medium, mixed solid foreign matter etc, almost all of the fluid.
Have all ball valve features

Compared with gate valve and globe valve, our metal seat ball valves have more features, small flow resistance,  fast closure by operating stem to turn 90   degrees,easily switching between automatic and manual that is convenient for   automatic control.
Safe - fireproof - antistatic valves

The metal seat can resistant to 500 degrees high temperature and also have the natural fireproof and anti-static function.
Most economy combined matieral
Our metal sealing ball valve can select different sealing pair to realize the most economy according to different working conditions.
Many operate modes

Our metal sealing ball valve can match various operating mechanism according to the valve size and intended use.

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