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Cast Steel Floating Ball Valve

Cast Steel Floating Ball Valve

  • Design standardAPI6D、ASME B16.34、BS5351、ISO17292、DINConnection endsRF、RTJ flange、butt-welded、thread、socket weldedOperationManual、Pneumatic、Electric、Gas-liquid interaction etc.Nominal diameter1/2" – 8" (DN 15-DN...
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Design standard

API6D、ASME B16.34、BS5351、ISO17292、DIN

Connection ends

RF、RTJ flange、butt-welded、thread、socket welded


Manual、Pneumatic、Electric、Gas-liquid interaction etc.

Nominal diameter

1/2" – 8" (DN 15-DN 200)

Pressure range

CLASS 150 – CLASS 600 (Mpa 1.6- Mpa 10.0)


carbon steel、stainless steel、20#steel 、Nickel alloy、cobalt alloy




Petroleum、Natural gas、Chemical、petrochemical、Power station、Metallurgy、Papermaking etc.

Unique Leakproof Structure
Our double sealing seat With experience of years in ball valve manufacturing and domestic and foreign advanced technology can ensure the reliable seal effect. The professional valve seat processing makes the coefficient of friction lower and operating torque smaller.
Switch Handle Indication
The stem head adopts flat-square structure which make no misplacement to connect the handle. So it can ensure the handle and the flow direction are in the same direction. When the handle is parallel with the pipeline, the valve is open. When the handle and the pipeline are vertical, the valve is closed.
Locking Device
To avoid the unnecessary switch action by misoperation and unpredictable pipeline vibration, a locking hole has been set in the position of valve fully open and fully closed so the padlock can be used to lock the valve. Especially the valve is installed in the field or in the combustible mediuM petroleum and chemical production line,the locking device will show its unique superiority.
Blowout Proof Stem Design
When the internal pressure of valve rises up, the central cavity pressure may pushout the stem.to prevent this situation, we make a shaft shoulder on the bottom the stem, installing it on stem from valve inside for avoiding the stem blowout. So that this project can replace packing safety and conveniently. meanwhile, after fire, medium pressure will make stem   flange and the upper sealing face of valve body tightly connection to prevent vast medium leaking from damaged packing position which makes a momentary sealing effect.
Anti-static Design
When operating valves , the static will appears and build up on the ball because of the friction between the ball and the seat. To prevent the electrostatic spark, the anti-static device is set to derive the static produced during the switching. This design can prevent the occurrence of accidents effectively in the medium with lower ignition point such as gasoline, natural gas, propane in valve.
Middle Flange (part beween body and left body) No Leaking Design
The valve body and the left connecting part seals by gasket. In order to prevent leakage caused by fire, high temperature or vibration etc. The valve body and left part connection is specially designed as metal-to-metal  which makes it form a stop flange to ensure no leakage.
Fireproof Design
In case of fire happens, the valve seat, packing and other non-metallic materials will be burnt out so a huge leakage of the medium will promote the fire. The fireproof structure can stop medium leaking. after fire, all possible leakage positions (ball and body, stem and body, middle flange) are designed as metal-to-metal .In case that the seat is burnt out, ball will contact the metal face directly under the pressure so as preventing the medium leaking from the burnt seat. 

ISO5211 connection plate 
ISO5211 connection plate obeys international standards and can be convenient for customers to choose the electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic device according to project need.
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