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Types Of Workers’  Compensation Benefits

 If you are injured in the course of your work, whether from a specific accident, from the repetitive nature of your work activities or from a specific exposure/condition at your job, you may be entitled to collect workers’ compensation benefits.

There are three types of benefits that an injured worker may seek under the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Act.

The first is medical treatment. An injured worker is entitled to seek authorization for reasonable, necessary and related medical treatment. This treatment may also include durable medical goods such as prosthetics, crutches, braces, wheel chairs, van ramps, vehicle steering/braking adaptations, bed lifts, access ramps and home/bathroom modifications.

The second is temporary disability benefits. These are payments made to the injured worker, while he or she is under active medical treatment and unable to return to work during the course of treatment as per the treating doctor. There are specific criteria under the law that need to be met in order to receive this benefit, and there is a specific formula that is applied in order to determine the correct rate at which these benefits are to be paid to the injured worker.

The third is permanent disability benefits. These are weekly benefits paid to the injured worker for any permanent restrictions or limitations in function that remain as a result of a compensable work accident, exposure or condition. An injured worker may be found to have permanent partial disability, permanent total disability or no permanent disability, depending upon the nature of their limitations after treatment has concluded.

The extent of permanent disability is assessed by medical professionals who conduct medical examinations and provide expert reports upon which the assessment of any permanent disability is based.

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